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スジャータレストランの始まり How Sujata's Restaurant-Nest started

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It was 1986 when the owner Sujata opened her first restaurant near Kyoto University's Department of Agriculture, with the inspiration of her meditation teacher Sri Chinmoy. The premise was even smaller than the current location, having probably as many as 10 seats. Her aim was to create a place where her customers can be satisfied both ourwardly and inwardly.

Being a first-time owner, she only had vegetable curry and dhal in the menu in the beginning! The current location is her 3rd restaurant, and now the restaurant offers vegetable ramen, gyoza, as well as 3 types of Indian curries! Sujata's home made chai, cakes and samosas also have many fans!

(The photo shows when Sri Chinmoy paid a visit to this first location only a year after its opening in 1987; it was before his Peace Concert at Kyoto's Avanti Hall that evening.)