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野菜どっさり冷やし中華 Cool yourself with our Cold Veg Noodles

野菜どっさり冷やし中華 New! Cold Veg Noodles

いよいよ特製「野菜どっさり冷やし中華」始めました!マテ茶を使ったマテン麺が、冷麺にするとつるつる最高の喉ごし! 具も、炒り豆腐、蒸し人参、椎茸の煮物、きゅうり、わかめ、ネギ、などなど充実(写真見てね)。ゴマ&醤油ベースだ


We are now offering Cold Veg Noodles! I myself just tasted it for the first time today, and it was DELICIOUS! The owner-chef Sujata is serving the dish for the first time this year. The Maten noodles, made with Mate tea powder, is so smooth and tasty when served cold. Garnished with lots of kinds of vegs (see the photo!), including cooked tofu, carrots, shiitake mushrooms, cucumber, wakame seaweed, with sesame & soy based sauce. We will serve this item till the end of the summer. Come and have a go!